Culteev invents the Indoor Connected Garden for your Aromatic Herbs!

Culteev invents the Indoor Connected Garden for your Aromatic Herbs!

The start-up Culteev invented the first indoor connected garden named Basile.

CfwnCloWEAM9dvzAssuming that in urban areas , it is not always easy to have beautiful leaves of herbs on hand for cooking, Martin Savoure and Alexander Aumand decided to propose an interesting device that tracks the development of such plants. Basile, the connected garden, was designed to provide an advanced culture without earth technique.

The plus of Basile is to be connected.

Installed on the kitchen worktop, the connected garden allows herbs to grow in-the water, and send notifications when the harvest is ready ! Guarantee without GMOs, pesticides and above all without transport. With its sleek design, this square 35 x 20 cm ensures production of fresh herbs directly on the kitchen worktop. Basile allows to grow six different varieties of plants simultaneously. The principle is simple, it is aquatic culture, the plants simply grow in the water which need to be added every three weeks. LED lighting is responsible for reproducing the sunlight while a suitable nutrition, supplied with the kit containing the plants, meets the needs of naturally plants.Via notifications, Basil warns its owner when it is necessary to add water, nutrients, or to harvest.

connected garden

After all, there is no accounting for taste!

The connected square is available on the website of Culteev priced for 199 euros. It comes with a starter kit containing 6 plants and nutrients. Culteev favored choice since Basile is available in 4 colors, chocolate oak, light gray oak, mahogany and white oak. The refill kits, containing the plants and nutrients are proposed for 18 euros. They invite you to travel with flavors picked up in Asia or Italy. A kit is even devoted to sauces with tarragon, thyme, arugula and here the Pesto kit!Culteev pesto kit

Vertical farming is booming, as we saw, retailer like Metro Group are implementing this tech in their store recently.

Metro: Vertical farming in store

Metro: Vertical farming in store

The retailer Metro Cash & Carry is developing since recent weeks a pilot project that is offering to its customer, herbs and vegetables with a maximum freshness, as they are served directly from the pots where they are planted, positioned in a structure that serves as a vertical farm.

The project is being developed in Berlin and, as Metro says, it’s unique in Germany.

This particular garden has been launched with the collaboration of INFARM and has an area of vertical farming, which saves space, since it’s only takes five square meters. The “high-tech” installation, provides light and water on each plant in order to deliver the conditions needed for the plants to growth.


INFARM targets restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, co-working spaces, hospitals and homes.

This type of production, which is called hydroponics, allows customers to receive fresher vegetables and without using any kind of pesticides herbs.

“We believe our food system should be de-centralize and production should get closer to the consumer,” says founder and CEO of INFARM Erez Galonska. “This is essential in terms of impact on the environment as well as for significantly improving the safety and quality of our food”.

For his part, Frank Niemann, the store manager in Friedrichshain, said that this initiative is already a success: “Our customers are enchanted.”

Ultimately, INFARM plans to start selling it to businesses either this year or next. Vertical farming is booming, see also Culteev an amazing startup in vertical farming.

Keep fresh growing !