Our culture


Despite working together in a largely online environment, our team at TechinGrocery has a pretty rich culture. It’s not always easy to explain how it came about, but somehow, a culture has developed amongst ourselves which in turn serves as the common bond that keeps us together. While we don’t always enjoy the luxury of face-to-face conversations, memes and emoticons have been a great replacement.

Our culture code:

1. Young must teach the old
2. After industrial, the entrepreneurial age is beginning
3. Grocery evolution will disrupt the world

Short Pitch

Tech in Grocery is the go-to online platform for the overall food industry community, with latest news within investment, retail, e-commerce and marketing.

Our Mission

We have multiple interests but a single mission: Empowering food industry workers in their quest for new business models all around the world.

Our Core values

Integrity: Integrity is at the heart of our business. It should be reflected by our actions, articles published, and interview organized.

Customer first: Readers and clients are our number one priority.

Passion: Positive attitude towards work and never giving up, doing what you believe is right.

Teamwork: Teamwork enables ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things.

Efficiency: Work fast, avoid time-wasting, and have a strong sense of urgency.

Quality: Obsessed with quality — Quality in choice of news, writing, and rich media.

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